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Based on real events that haven’t happened – yet. Don’t Look Up in select theaters December 10 and on Netflix December 24.

DON’T LOOK UP tells the story of two low-level astronomers who must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth. Written and Directed by Adam McKay.

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio star in director Adam McKay’s scathing climate-change satire ‘Don’t Look Up.’ 


On his 50th birthday, former British agent Richard Roper, nicknamed the Most Wanted Man, has his past come back to haunt him. He is forced to confront his role in the events that led to the death of his best friend.

There’s more to The Most Wanted Man than a title. There’s also a family and a business. And there’s the long-held secret that’s been Roper’s life since he was a young boy. A secret that could destroy them all.

When former British agent Richard Roper, nicknamed the Most Wanted Man, is approached by the CIA to help rescue a kidnapped American, he reluctantly agrees.

The plan is to rescue an American doctor working for a secret terrorist organization called The People, but when they reach their destination, they discover the doctor has been replaced by a double.

“Don’t Look Up” was made by Laura Kipnis (the film’s director), Kipnis, and Sandra Poirier, and it includes contributions from about 20 people. Poirier, who is Kipnis’s lawyer, is a professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley.

She and Kipnis met in the mid-1990s when they both worked for the New Republic, where Poirier was a senior editor. Poirier became a close friend of Kipnis, and she has known her for about 15 years. Poirier was also one of the two people who wrote the letter to the Chronicle, and she is the author of the book Against Academic Freedom: An Open Letter to the University of California, San Diego, published in 2010. Poirier, who is a frequent critic of the university system, believes that Kipnis was wrongly fired. Kipnis disputes that claim.

This is what CNN has to say about the movie:

“a very pointed treatise on the dysfunctional state of current politics and media, in which everyone is so myopic as to be unable to focus on an existential threat. The title reflects the inevitable endpoint of that, with a bury-your-head-in-the-sand approach to impending doom.

This is what Rolling Stone has to say about the movie:

“This new work is also borne out of a desperate need to address the way things have devolved, yet it’s never able to find a way to crawl out of the tarpit of its own bone-deep despair.”

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